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Committee Chair: Jack Kilgour

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    Sep. 17, 2020, 9:00 a.m. – Sep. 19, 2020, 9:00 p.m.
    The Quality (Festival) Inn, 1144 Ontario St, Stratford, ON N5A 6W1, Canada
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The German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada

Proudly presents


Our 2017 Judge’s Education Seminar Series

In conjunction with


Our National Specialty Show (September 15-16th)

Stratford, Ontario – Festival Inn


Breed Seminar – “The Hallmarks of the German Shepherd Dog”

Friday, September 15th

Presented by James Moses, "Kaleef" German Shepherds

This seminar focusses on the hallmarks of our breed – emphasizing the most important qualities when evaluating the German Shepherd Dog.  James Moses will also offer a look at the evolution of the breed during the past 50 years.


Temperament Test Seminar – “Let Them Stand Loose”

Friday, September 15th

Presented by Sheree Moses, "Kaleef" German Shepherds

This seminar focusses on evaluating German Shepherd Dog temperament.  Sheree Moses will share her expertise in this area and offer all participants the opportunity to practice the specific loose lead temperament test.


Ringside Mentoring – “Mentors, Mentors and more Mentors”

Friday September 15th and Saturday 16th

Lead Mentor and Seminar Coordinator, Lori Iverson, "Nobler" German Shepherds

Lori Iverson will lead a group of breeders and breeder-judges who will be on hand in a designated seating area for 2 days of ringside mentoring. Hundreds of years of collective experience will be available for candid discussions and to help answer your questions.


Certificates will be issued for all three components of this series.

Fee:  $50.00


For further information, please contact:

Jack Kilgour

GSDC of Canada Education Chair

(604) 331-1164

Payment Options

Using Paypal through our Online Store (nominal service charge applies)

Payment by cheque or money order

Payable to GSDC of Canada Inc

Mail to: Jack Kilgour

102 – 1157 Pendrell Street

Vancouver, BC

V6E 1L3

The Objective of the GSDCC Education Program

is to build and maintain educational materials for all aspects of the breed - not just conformation, obedience etc.   The Committee Team Chair, has designated three mentors who will actively guide the direction of Education for this versatile breed. 


All team members will be current members of the GSDCC or will join prior to becoming a member of this Education team. In some cases  people who are not currently working on another committee/team or in another capacity for our club will be selected in order to increase the capacity of the team. 


Team members will contribute articles, training tips and other items of interest to our membership and to the German Shepherd Dog fancy. 


The primary communication outlets for the "library of education" will be the GSDCC website and the Gazette. 

All material for publication or reproduction will be "vetted" through the education committee team prior to submission to the Gazette and/or Website, with the understanding the Webmaster/Editor and others (like the Board and/or Committee Chairs) will give it final approval for publication.  


Coaches will be chosen for each of the following areas.

Conformation ,Obedience ,Tracking ,Herding, Rally-O ,Agility,Search and Rescue 

Pet Therapy, Family Companion, Junior Handlers,Breeders,Judges 

Each coach will identify his or her active mentor who will act as a guide during the process of contributing to this committee.  Articles will either be the "best of the best" already out there or new and original, up-to-date articles referring to the latest and best techniques and theories in their field.  The latter will be a preference, as it will give our new coaches a strong sense of belonging and ownership.



Study Materials
2011 German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada National Specialty Show
Education Seminar DVD is now available through the GSDCC Store

Content includes:

In the ring Breed Conformation Seminar – “Take Them Around” with Presenter Joan Fox
In the ring Breed Temperament Seminar – “Let Them Stand Loose” with Presenter Jack Kilgour
 Short ringside discussion “Mentors, Mentors and More Mentors” with Lead Mentor Kay Reamensnyder
The two seminars were designed and written by GSDCC Education Committee Chair Jack Kilgour.

DVD's are Available through the GSDCC Store for $25 (plus shipping) 


By Cheque or Money Order payable to: The GSDCC of Canada Inc.
Mail your cheque to our Club Secretary: Tom Morgan
R.R. # 2, Colborne, ON K0K 1S0, Phone: 905.355.3688 email: