Find a German Shepherd

Deciding whether or not to adopt a GSD should be a well thought out process that will ensure the best outcome for you, your family and above all else, your dog. A well bred and trained GSD is a pleasure to own and have as a family member. The information provided here will help you to decide if this is the right breed for you.

Before Starting Your Search...

Is a German Shepherd Right for You?

Each breed of dog has its own specific set of physical and temperament characteristics, as well as aptitude that make them unique and usually reflect what they were originally bred to do. It is important that those new to the breed understand these characteristics in order to make the best informed decision on whether the German Shepherd Dog is the breed for you.    

An Introduction to Health Issues in German Shepherds

As in all dogs and humans there are health issues that may arise during the lifetime of your German Shepherd some are acquired others are genetic in nature. German Shepherd puppies experience some unique growth characteristics that are important for you to be aware of and understand.

Puppy or Adult?

Before deciding to adopt, you need to consider whether a puppy or an older dog such a an adult retired from a breeding program, a young adolescent or a rescue dog looking for a new home; would best suit your needs.  There are pros and cons to each.

Looking for more information?

Looking for more information? Learn more about, the advantages of buying a purebred dog, how to find a reputable breeder, the many different coat colors and types found in the German Shepherd and much more.

Breeder Listing

The GSDCC  Breeders' Directory and Information Source is provided by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada, Inc. for breeders who are Members in good standing and to prospective Members and German Shepherd Dog owners.