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The GSDCC Inc. is Canada's oldest active National Breed Club and will be celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary in 2022!

The GSDCC members are diverse representatives of society brought about by a passion for the German Shepherd Dog. We, as current members, would like to invite you to join us. We tackle difficult health problems, debate structure of dogs, discuss upcoming events, share in the excitement of a new litter and comfort each other as a dog passes. 

Each member contributes a unique insight so that the breed as a whole can move forward. The GSDCC Inc. provides a venue that allows breeders, owners, handlers and judges to contribute freely any information relevant to the breed. It is through a conglomeration of ideas that you, the new member will formulate your plan for the betterment of the breed.

The GSDCC Inc. is the country’s oldest active specialty breed club since it’s inception in 1922 the club has developed a distinctly national profile with members
and affiliated clubs from coast to coast.

Local and Regional Clubs

The GSDCC has local and branch Clubs operating through-out Canada.  These Clubs operate under the umbrella of the parent Club and offer activities such as classes, learning events and host shows and trials.  

GSDCC Systems

The GSDCC Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the GSD.  Some ways the GSDCC does this is through the Futurity/Maturity system, Register of Merit (ROMC), Versatility and Select Excellent awards.

GSDCC Trophies and Awards

Trophies and awards are an integral part of the GSDCC Inc.'s programs that recognize and reward Members or dog's who meet or exceed the Club's mission, goals, values and initiatives.  You may be eligible for one or more award, so go to the Trophies and Awards page to find out more.

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