Trophy/Award Application
The GSDCC Inc. is Canada's oldest active National Breed Club and will be celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary in 2022!

The GSDCC members are diverse representatives of society brought about by a passion for the German Shepherd Dog. We, as current members, would like to invite you to join us. We tackle difficult health problems, debate structure of dogs, discuss upcoming events, share in the excitement of a new litter and comfort each other as a dog passes. 

Each member contributes a unique insight so that the breed as a whole can move forward. The GSDCC Inc. provides a venue that allows breeders, owners, handlers and judges to contribute freely any information relevant to the breed. It is through a conglomeration of ideas that you, the new member will formulate your plan for the betterment of the breed.

The GSDCC Inc. is the country’s oldest active specialty breed club since it’s inception in 1922 the club has developed a distinctly national profile with members
and affiliated clubs from coast to coast.

Officers and Contacts

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc. (GSDCC) is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, a minimum of six Directors at large and Regional Directors, one for each of the six regions in Canada.  The Board is responsible for managing assets, dealing with issues, setting direction and ensuring that the GSDCC meets its objectives. Any member in good standing is eligable to be nominated for a position as director on the board.

Breed Standard

The breed standard offers a distinct picture in words, which outlines the ideal size, weight, color, length of coat, tail structure, temperament and movement for each of the 175 dog breeds recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. The GSDCC Inc. created the standard for the German Shepherd Dog, which acknowledges the primary characteristics related to the function that the dog was bred to perform. The CKC has ordered the German Shepherd Dog into the Herding group, as this identifies the primary function that German Shepherds were bred to perform and categorizes the GSD into a logical structure for shows and trials. A conformation dog show tests how closely a dog conforms to the breed standard. So, in essence, the various entries in a dog show, whether they are a German Shepherd, a Labrador or a Wolfhound, are not only competing against each other, they are in a contest with their own breed standard.

GSDCC Systems

One of the key objectives of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc. (GSDCC) is aimed at promoting and improving the breeding of purebred German Shepherd Dogs. In order to accomplish this in a meaningful and measurable way, the GSDCC relys on several systems.  These include a Futurity/Maturity system, Register of Merit (ROMC) and Select Excellent.

Local and Regional Clubs

Local and Regional German Shepherd clubs take on a critical role in the promotion and understanding of the German Shepherd Dog.  Often these clubs are the first contact for new German Shepherd owners and they offer important activities and a community at the local level that encourage new owners to explore the versatility of their dogs.  The GSDCC Inc. recognizes the important role of local and regional clubs not only to the local community but also to the National Club in furthering interest in the breed and hosting events for the parent club.   

GSDCC Trophies and Awards

The GSDCC trophies and awards are part of the GSDCC recognition programs and are aimed at recognizing and rewarding individuals and dogs who performance, activities and behaviour support/further the mission, goals, values and initiatives of the GSDCC. In some cases awards need to be applied for. Go to the Trophies and Awards page of this website to find out and apply. You may be eligible for one or more of these awards and you don't even know it !