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The German Shepherd: at the heart of the Royal Canin  Story

No other breed has been such a part of the story of our company as the German Shepherd and every one feels an enduring rapport with this remarkable dog.  How could we forget that Royal Canin owes its birth in 1967 to Dr Jean Cathary, who decided to perfect dry food to treat German Shepherds suffering from eczema? Royal Canin was born and its image became an emblem of our brand from the very first day.

A little later in 1980, thanks to work on the articular attributes of German Shepherds led by Royal Canin Research Centre Director Dr. Cloche, Royal Canin perfected the first food specially formulated for large-breed puppies.

AGR would be the big bang in nutrition, addressing for the first time ever the breed size parameter in the formulation of food.  An advance that refined the rules of nutritional science on a global scale. How could we forget either that Royal Canin became a household name in France thanks to a television commercial in the 1980's that saw a German Shepherd bounding through a nature landscape backed by the music of Ennio Morricone?

The motion of this German Shepherd, a blend of elegance and power, symbolizes the values in which we believe and, more than anything else, genuine Respect for the dog and its animal quintessence.

We have come a long way in our appreciation of this exceptional breed.

We have perfected our German Shepherd 24 food, extremely precise nutrition tailored to the digestive, articular and immune demands of the breed.  German Shepherd 24 is distributed around the world exclusively by our prescribers (breeders and veterinarians) and specialist sales outlets.

As supreme homage to this breed of exceptional versatility with such a friendly personality, whose bravery and loyalty can never be adequately saluted, we have dedicated an encyclopaedia to it, published under the authority of the UMES (Unite de Medicine de L'Elevage and Sport at Ecole Nationale Veterinarie de Maisons-Alfort) and its founder, Professor Dominique Grandjean.  Professo of Ecole nationale Veterinaire de Maisons-Alfort and Lieutenant-Colonel of the Paris fire department, Dominique Grandjean is above all a well respected expert and an eternal love of the German Shepherd.

We are also grateful t the great canine expert and editor in chief of Franck Haymann, as well as the canine technicians at Royal Canin Group and the veterinarians and nutritionists at our Research Centre.

Spanning more than 450 pages, the encyclopedia brings together for the first time a vast array of knowledge on this fascinating breed.  Launched in October 2003, it is available in four major languages.

It is our way of repaying to the German Shepherd a little of what it has given us all throughout its history.

Henri LaGarde

Chief Executive Officer

Royal Canin Group

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