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The Road to Breed Improvement

One of the key objectives of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc. (GSDCC) is aimed at promoting and improving the breeding of purebred German Shepherd Dogs. In order to accomplish this in a meaningful and measurable way, the GSDCC relys on several systems.  These include a Futurity/Maturity system, Register of Merit (ROMC) and Select Excellent.


The Futurity/Maturity system is aimed at encouraging and rewarding the breeding of German Shepherds that most closely conform to the approved standard for the breed.  Such recognition is important to the breed for continued breed improvement. The program not only rewards the efforts of the breeder but also the owner in whose hands lie the responsibility of continued breed improvement.

Futurity is a puppy match and a Breeder showcase.  

It has come into being through the annals of horse racing. For centuries horse breeders have nominated unborn foals representing the pedigree mares and fabulous stallions from overseas. Many, many years ago the German Shepherd Dog Futurities rules required the actual presence of the sires and dams of the individual puppies in the show. We are now only concerned with the puppies themselves. It is a breeder's 

show because these puppies are the result of a breeder's plan and/or breeding program. Because entire litters are nominated and generally many show, it gives a better picture of the results of the combinations of certain bloodlines (which is not always obtained in the regular show ring where generally there are only 

one or two of a litter shown at a time) 

A Futurity is different from a regular show in many ways. Litters must be nominated for Futurities where in regular competition they need not be. Competition in Futurities is in age groups, while this is not true otherwise. There are no championship points given. Rather than Best of Breed the winner is designated Best in Futurity. 

Litters must be nominated as a complete and whole entity within ninety (90) days of whelping. Either the owner of the puppy or the breeder of the puppy may nominate the litter, but in either case the breeder must be a member in good standing of the G.S.D.C.C. Inc. and must sign the nomination form. In order to nominate a litter you must be a member of the German Shepherd Dog club of Canada Inc. or apply for membership at time of nomination. A puppy may be entered and shown in only one region even if his litter was nominated in a different region. Individual entry forms will be mailed to the breeder between February 15th and March 21st. The breeder is responsible for distributing them to the owners of the puppies from their litters

Register of Merit Canada (ROMC)

The  Register of Merit Canada (ROMC) system recognizes German Shepherd Dogs, owned by GSDCC Inc. Members, who have contributed to the advancement of the Breed in Canada through their demonstrated ability to produce offspring who have excelled in Canadian Kennel Club Conformation and Performance events, and have health clearances.  Qualifications for ROMC sires and dams are different in recognition of the fact that a sire will most likely have more offspring in a lifetime than a dam.  By recognizing the contributions of notable sires and dams, the ROMC system will be a resource of information for Breeders in their quest to produce the exceptional dog envisioned in the breed standard.  It will show all interested persons the top producing German Shepherd Dogs that have influenced the Breed in Canada.

Select Excellent Award

The Select Excellent tittle is  given to dogs at the National Specialty Show. Proof of OFA Hip and Elbow certification and Temperament Evaluation Certified (TEC)  This award must be applied for prior to the National Specialty Show

Temperament Evaluation Certified (TEC)

The object of the Temperament Test is to judge the dogs natural responses of each situation. It is OK for the dog to be startled or to show aggression. Each dog is judged separately with consideration being given to the Canadian Kennel Clubs temperament for that particular breed. Any dog over 12 months of age can enter. Each dog must be taken through the course on lead. The handler is permitted to encourage the dogs but can not use obedience commands.