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One of the GSDCC Inc.'s goals is to maintain and improve the breed.

Some ways these goals are accomplished is through the

Futurity/Maturity System, Register of Merit and Select Excellent Award.

Futurity/Maturity System:

Futurity Entry Form

Maturity Entry Form

The Futurity/Maturity System encourages Member breeders to breed GSDs that conform to the breed standard.  Prizes are awarded to the puppies that most closely conform to the Breed Standard. 

A Futurity is a conformation show for puppies and it is a showcase of litters and breeders.  Entire litters are nominated and any number of puppies from the litter can be shown.  The show gives prospective buyers and breeders a picture of the results of combining certain dogs and bloodlines. 

Litters must be nominated within ninety days of whelping by the breeder or a puppy owner.  It is then up to the breeder or owner to enter a Futurity Show.  Futurity Shows are held in various locations across Canada.  The individual who nominates a litter is responsible for submitting an entry form for  particular puppy or distributing entry forms to the owners who submit them.

Futurity litters are then eligible to enter the Maturity Show the next year.  The Maturity Show is so that prospective buyers and breeders can see the how the puppies are maturing.  

Register of Merit Canada

ROMC Application

The  Register of Merit Canada or ROMC is a titled awarded to dogs who meet or exceed health clearances and have given birth to or sired puppies that have earned conformation or performance titles from the Canadian Kennel Club. The ROMC title rewards breeder members who's breedings have contributed to the improvement and advancement of the breed. By recognizing the contributions of notable sires and dams, the ROMC system is a resource of information for breeders in their quest to produce the exceptional dog envisioned in the breed standard.  A dog with an ROMC title has proven that its offspring meet or exceed the breed standard.

Select Excellent Award

The Select Excellent title is awarded for entrants at the National Specialty Show.  Proof of hip and elbow certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and be Temperament Evaluation Certified (TEC).  To be eligible, an application must be filed before the National Specialty Show.

Temperament Evaluation Certified

The Temperament Test evaluates a dog's natural responses of various situations. Each dog is judged separately and compared with the Canadian Kennel Club's breed standard for temperament.  Dogs twelve months of age or older are eligible.   Each dog is taken through a course of stations with exercises designed to see how the dog reacts. A Judge decides if the dog has passed each exercise and is worthy of the title, TEC.

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