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Breed Statistics

The GSDCC Inc. collects information aimed at helping its membership, both novice and experienced, to make decisions about breeding and purchasing puppies.  Breeding an excellent litter depends on an ability to make informed decisions about breeding choices and examining pedigrees for strengths and weaknesses of various bloodlines being considered.  The statistics provided here are just one tool in the huge arsenal available to breeders and puppy buyers.

GSDCC Blue Book

The GSDCC Blue book honors the top 10 Futurity/Maturity sires and dams who have successfully produced quality progeny.  It contains tabulations for the top 10 which are compiled by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada (GSDCC) Futurity chair and are first 

presented in the GSDCC National Specialty catalogue of the same year they were accumulated.  The purpose of the Blue Book  is to further knowledge and understanding of what specific pedigrees combined together will produce quality dogs, hence assisting breeders with the difficult choices they have to make when planning a breeding.  Unfortunately the Blue Book does not represent all the dogs used in breeding programs since not all breeders choose to nominate litters and participate in the GSDCC Futurity/Maturity system but it remains a useful tool for dedicated breeders. Copies of the Blue Book are available for sale on the GSDCC online Store.

Futurity/Maturity Tabulations (click on each item to open)

FUT/MAT tabulations
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Register of Merit Canada (ROMC)


The  Register of Merit Canada (ROMC) system recognizes German Shepherd Dogs,

owned by GSDCC Inc. Members, who have contributed to the advancement of the

Breed in Canada through their demonstrated ability to produce offspring who have

excelled in Canadian Kennel Club Conformation and Performance events, and have

health clearances.  Qualifications for ROMC sires and dams are different in

recognition of the fact that a sire will most likely have more offspring in a lifetime

than a dam.  By recognizing the contributions of notable sires and dams, the ROMC

system will be a resource of information for Breeders in their quest to produce the

exceptional dog envisioned in the breed standard.  It will show all interested persons

the top producing German Shepherd Dogs that have influenced the Breed in Canada.

SEL EXC. recipients

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Sel. Ex. Ch Pastor Burgos TEC OFA H /OVC E

Barrus Vom Haus Kirschental x Tate's Pepper ll

Breeder: Patricia Tate

Owner: Bill & Joanne Randall, John & Christine Gibbons


Sel. Ex. Ch. Sharobi's Seeing Is Believing ll TEC

Hidden Forest's I'm A Believer x Ch. Sharobi's Design By Mitchell

Breeder: Shari Everitt

Owner: Paul Boyd John Crosby   


Sel. Ex. Ch. Alfaro's Rambling Man TEC 

Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man x Stormfield Justgottogo Alfaro

Breeder: Alan Milhousen

Owner: Dawn Peterson, Alan Milhousen

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TEC recipients

Temperament Evaluation
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