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Welcome to the GSDCC Inc.
Dedicated to the preservation and betterment of the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is versatile, intelligent and loyal.  
It is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world today.


  • Promote and improve the ethical breeding of the German Shepherd Dog

  • Advance the interest and public image of the German Shepherd Dog

  • Support, encourage and assist Branch, Member and Regional Clubs

  • Hold conformation and performance events sanctioned by the Canadian Kennel Club

  • Publish literature in the interest of the German Shepherd Dog

  • Educate breeders, owners and the public

September 16, 17 and 18, 2021


2021 Canadian National

Pre-show Results

Fut/Mat Results

National Conformation Results

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Join the GSDCC

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The German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc. (GSDCC) is the country's oldest active specialty breed club. Since its inception in 1922 the Club has developed a distinctly national profile with member and affiliated clubs from coast to coast. We are not a registry service, the Canadian Kennel Club is the registry for all breeds in Canada. We are a club built to promote the breed and work as a strictly volunteer service to offer venues of all the German Shepherd can do.
Benefits of Membership
  • Advertise and access listings in the online kennel list
  • Subscription to the GSDCC magazine
  • Ability to participate in the futurity/maturity system
  • Compete for trophies, awards and titles
  • Join a special community, where you can share your passion for the breed, and develop friendships
  • Volunteer and have a voice in your club and the betterment of the breed.

Having Fun with your German Shepherd - Slide Show

The German shepherd  breed is so intelligent and learns so readily that it has been used in the service of people as well as being treasured as a companion and family member. The German Shepherd excels in many dog related activities  There seems to be no end to what we will find this versatile breed engaged in.


German Shepherds excel in pulling sports such as sledding, skijoring, fatbike or scootering. These sports build strength and aerobic fitness all with you and your dog outdoors together.