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Award Winners

Versatility Award Winners (scroll down to see entire list or use search function to find a dog)

This page celebrates of all those wonderful dogs and their owners who have received and award from the GSDCC Inc.

For more information on Awards and Titles available please visit our Titles and Awards page.

Versatility Award

Obedience Award Winners

Tracking Award Winners

Championship Award Winners

Benjamin Schultz Award Winners

To be awarded to the member whose owner-trained German Shepherd Dog obtains the highest Average score towards its C.D. title. At least two of the qualifying scores must be obtained while the owner is a member of the G.S.D.C.C. Inc. and all scores must have been attained on one calendar year.


Mitzi Frohle Award Winners

The dog or bitch must be a Champion of Record, and have the Highest Average Score. If two or more dogs tie for the award then the Highest Average Score for the calendar year will count. Highest Obedience score could be taken from C.D., C.D.X., or U.D. titles.

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